Lyric of the moment...
Patron Saint of Self Doubt
Put your bullets in my mouth
Give me words that I might speak out
And in this resignation letter
I feel 20 pages better
Makes me feel like a loaded gun... maybe better


To the official web site of the Sad Fantastic.

What is… who arethe Sad Fantastic?

The Sad Fantastic is a musical circus formed around songwriter-producer David Noble, combining huge hooks and imaginative stories into crafted pop-scapes at times best described as “fairy tales for adults.”

Smart, catchy, but not light. Warm and endearing, yet wrapped in a biting undertow.  Pop music juxtapositions, not unlike the name.  But don't take our word for it — dive in and give a listen for yourself.

The 'orchestra in their basement'

With their new album 13 Houses and accompanying EP Sea Sides, the Sad Fantastic burst onto the scene, debuting a collection of stories-to-music.  19+ pop gems destined to get deep under your skin and worm their way into your heart.  Artful and independent. Delivering the sad — and the fantastic.

TSF Roadmap:

So step inside the project. Listen to what makes the Sad Fantastic.